Back Pain & Mental Health

Back pain can not only put a hinder on your day to day activities but it can also affect your mental health. According to a World Health Organization’s World Health Survey Data, analysis revealed that compared to people without back pain, those with pain were more than twice as likely to suffer from one of five mental health conditions: anxiety, depression, psychosis, stress and sleep deprivation. This study was held in 2002-2004 and involved more than 200,000 study subjects ages 18 and older from 43 countries.

One major factor about stress and mental health is stress. Stress is a huge trigger for chronic pain AND depression. Stress isn’t something that is easily planned for and it usually comes out of nowhere. Stress can cause immediate flare ups in chronic pain. Here at Oahu Spine & Rehab in Kailua we see patients every day that are suffering from chronic pain. It’s easy for our massage therapists to tell that a patient is stressed based on the stress that they are holding in their shoulders and neck. When you are suffering from a combination of stress, chronic pain, and poor mental health this can lead to poor sleeping patterns and increased pain.

Because chronic pain can be so severe, it’s important for patients to talk to their primary care physician if they are suffering from depression. Communication is key to make sure that you are under appropriate care for your suffering. One of the best things to do for your chronic pain and overall health is to seek multidisciplinary care. Here at OSR we are an integrated health center that uses doctors from many specialties to come up with a personalized treatment plan. Our massage therapists will aid in relieving your stress with our trigger point therapy as well as our therapeutic massages. Our physical therapy team offers personalized help and plans for treating your chronic pain and getting you to the highest quality of life as possible. Chiropractic care here in Kailua can also help with back pain, depression and other mental health conditions.

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