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The Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

When you live on an island, you develop a special relationship with the water. We paddle, swim, surf, and SUP for exercise, live in our bathing suits, and are never far from a beautiful beach or swimming pool. Not only does the water provide us with stunning landscapes, sustenance, and a playground for recreational activities, …

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Navigating Dizziness and Vertigo

According to a 2001-2004 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey of 5000, US adults, 35% of adults age 40 or older had some sort of vestibular dysfunction; as the reported age increased to people over 60 years old, the percentage jumped to 65% and 85% in people over 80 years old.  As medicine advances and …

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What Parents and Coaches Need to Know about Concussions in Youth Sport Athletes

Youth sports in our world today is more popular than ever before.  Children are playing multiple sports throughout the year with less time off and sometimes even specializing in one sport the entire year. The more children that are playing sports comes with a higher risk of concussions.  Concussions are a hot topic in the world of …

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The High Ankle Sprain

In the world of athletics, March is popular for the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament known as March Madness. You will see over the course of the tournament how many injuries are specific to ankle sprains. The majority of ankle sprains that will occur are lateral ankle sprains or inversion ankle sprains (when the bottom of …

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