Acupuncture and the Alexander Technique for Chronic Neck Pain

Chronic neck pain is a leading cause of disability in the USA and in Hawaii.  Despite this, unfortunately there is no one ‘magic bullet’ type of curative treatment.   Patients have sought out integrative care to help with symptom management, including therapies available at Oahu Spine and Rehab such chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage, as well as traditional physical therapy and rehabilitative exercise to correct postural imbalance and muscle tension caused by stress.  A just –published article in the Annals of Internal Medicine validates the benefits of two of these types of integrative care for chronic neck pain:  acupuncture and the Alexander Technique.

You may be familiar with acupuncture.  It involves the insertion of needles under the skin along the lines of energy meridians, which is felt to stimulate the body’s own ability to heal.  The Alexander Technique may not be quite as well known, but it can be just as powerful.  It is a taught method of self-care that allows people to enhance their reactions and postural awareness in everyday life, improving pain and reducing stress.

The exciting results of the Annals article showed that acupuncture and Alexander Technique are associated with a statistically significant and clinically relevant long-term reduction in neck pain and disability at 12 months, compared with usual care alone.

At Oahu Spine and Rehab, these results are exciting not only because we have our own highly skilled and licensed acupuncturist on board.   The self-management emphasis inherent in the Alexander Technique is also followed by our Physical Therapists and Rehabilitative exercise specialists in patient care.  We believe this emphasis on self-care is a huge component of our patients’ success in treating and managing their chronic neck pain.

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