5 Reasons you should be talking about Sports Injuries

5 Reasons you should be talking about Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are responsible for a large portion of the patients that we treat here at OSR. There are thousands of different injuries that athletes are at risk for while they are playing sports. Even if you are playing a non-contact sport there are still plenty of injuries that you can get because of overuse or constant movements.

Head injuries

Head Injuries are some of the most serious injuries that you can acquire while playing sports. Most sport related deaths are the result of head injuries. Cycling is actually the sport that causes the largest number of head injuries. Due to riders not wearing helmets, even small wrecks can cause internal damage to the brain because of the lack of protection. When thinking about injuries you would assume that football would be one of the top for head injuries, and it is. Cycling numbers surpassed football numbers with 85,000 visits to emergency rooms being from cycling related injuries (2009).



Achilles tendon injuries

The Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in your body. It is used constantly in almost every sport that is played. This leads to it being the most often injured tendon in the entire body. The tendon is very accident prone as it is used for jumping, running, kicking and basically anything you do on your feet. The tendons connect your shin bone to your calf muscles and can become inflamed or develop tiny tears. These are the two most common injuries to the Achilles tendon. If the Achilles tendon is fully torn or ruptured you may need surgery. But if you have a minor injury, it can be helped with physical therapy here at OSR!


Sprains, most commonly found in the ankle and wrist, are caused by a stretch or tear in one of your ligaments. This happens generally when the ligaments are twisted the wrong way, or twisted abruptly during sports. The most common symptoms are immediate pain, swelling, bruising, and instability. These symptoms repair themselves with time but OSR can help relieve your pain. If you have a sprain, Oahu Spine and Rehab can use kinesiology tape on the sprain to lift the skin and help the pain.




Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. This is the concept known best by healthcare professionals as R.I.C.E. This is the most common treatment for sprains or strains of the ligaments. The results are self-explanatory. Rest will help ensure that you don’t hurt your injury worse, and you give it time to heal without added pressure and movement. The ice, compression and elevation are used in order to reduce the pain, and cause the swelling to go down!


Sports players aren’t the only people who suffer from sports injuries. Weightlifting can be very risky if you aren’t using the correct form. Depending on the lift, you can cause serious damage to your back. In fact, the most common injury for weight lifters is on the lower back. If you lift too much weight or twist your back during lifts is can cause the disks between your vertebrae to get injured. Physical therapy here at OSR is able to help you regain your back strength after a back injury!

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